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This package wraps TheyWorkForYou’s API for R. TheyWorkForYou is a parliamentary monitoring site that scrapes and repackages Hansard (the UK’s parliamentary record) and augments it with information from the Register of Members’ Interests, election results, and voting records to provide a unified source of information about UK legislators and their activities.

Set up

You’ll need an API key to. Get it here.

Your first API call (or call to set_api_key) will prompt you to paste it into the R console, after which it will be available for all future R sessions.


Install twfy using devtools:


If this does not work


and try again.


In general, API call results are returned as json, then parsed into nested data.frames and lists using jsonlite. One exception is getBoundary which returns a string of KML.


Package documentation is incomplete. A more nearly complete set of documentation can be found from the API source.