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readbitmap is a simple R package that provides a function read.bitmap to read standard bitmap format images, identifying them by their image header (or magic value) rather than relying on the file extension.


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if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")


The jpeg, png, and tiff R packages depend on system libjpeg, libpng and libtiff libraries. These are pretty much always installed on unix like systems (e.g. linux, macosx). Failing that, see:

For Windows, binary installs of the jpeg and png packages include the libjpeg and lipng available on winbuilder and therefore no system library is required. The winbuilder libraries are part of a collection provied by Brian Ripley at:

The file is called at the time of writing.

For windows users building from source, the libraries are part of the Rtools bundle available at: