The Dataset

Silviculture and Forestry Extraction Production (PEVS, in Portuguese) is a nationwide annual survey conducted by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) which provides information on the quantity and value of production resulting from the processes of exploitation of native plant resources and planted forest massifs.

The data also has multiple aggregation levels, such as nationwide, by region, mesoregion and microregion, as well as state and municipality.

The data available has a yearly frequency and is available from 1986 to the present, with the exception of the data on total area for production, which are only available from 2013 onwards. More information can be found on this link (only in Portuguese):


Using the function is easy enough:


# download state raw data from 2012 for silviculture
pevs_silvi <- load_pevs(dataset = 'pevs_silviculture',
                        raw_data = TRUE,
                        geo_level = 'state',
                        time_period = 2012)