apsimx: R package for APSIM-X (NextGen) and APSIM Classic (7.x)

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This package allows for interaction with APSIM-X (“Next Generation”) and/or APSIM ‘Classic’ (7.10). It can inspect, edit, run and read APSIM files in both platforms. The format is JSON for APSIM-X and XML for ‘Classic’.

Package requirements

The new APSIM uses the mono framework to run on Mac and Linux (Debian). Mono should be installed first (in Mac and Linux).

Mono framework download: https://www.mono-project.com/download/stable/

APSIMX download: https://www.apsim.info/download-apsim/

Since APSIM Next Gen 2021.04.01 (at least) .NET framework 4.6 or higher is required for Windows and I have had to update the Mono framework to 6.12.

If you want to install this package from github try in R:


or the lightweight ‘remotes’ package


It is not necessary to build the vignettes as they are also at: https://femiguez.github.io/apsimx-docs/

Note: Building the vignettes does not require the presence of APSIM-X as I have recently eliminated the APSIM-X runs in it.

Still, if you want to build the vignettes then use this instead of the second line above:

devtools::install_github(“femiguez/apsimx”, build_vignettes = TRUE, build_opts = c(“–no-resave-data”, “–no-manual”))

If you do build the vignettes, there is an introduction to the package


and a document which might help you build your own scripts either in R or other languages


If you have any questions contact Fernando E. Miguez (femiguez at iastate.edu)