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Perform Bayesian Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in R. Given the results of a Bayesian model (possibly based on MCMC) in the form of simulations from the posterior distributions of suitable variables of costs and clinical benefits for two or more interventions, produces a health economic evaluation. Compares one of the interventions (the “reference”) to the others (“comparators”).


Main features of BCEA include:


The development version can be installed using this GitHub repository. On Windows machines, you need to install a few dependencies, including Rtools first, e.g. by running

pkgs <- c("MASS", "Rtools", "remotes")
repos <- c("https://cran.rstudio.com", "https://inla.r-inla-download.org/R/stable") 
install.packages(pkgs, repos=repos, dependencies = "Depends")

before installing the package using remotes:

remotes::install_github("giabaio/BCEA", ref="dev")

Under Linux or MacOS, it is sufficient to install the package via remotes:

remotes::install_github("giabaio/BCEA", ref="dev")

Further details

The pkgdown site is here. More details on BCEA are available in our book Bayesian Cost-Effectiveness Analysis with the R Package BCEA (published in the UseR! Springer series). Also, details about the package, including some references and links to a pdf presentation and some posts on my own blog) are given here.


GPL-3 © G Baio.

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